Are you arguing a lot with your teenager? Is your teenager acting rebellious and not following rules? Do you worry that your teen is out of control?

Teens today, are under a lot of pressure from peers, school, family, and more. The burden of stress can cause teenagers to act out or start behaving in ways that are dangerous. Has your teen’s school been in contact with you and expressed concern about the unmanageable behaviors? Has the school written up or suspended your teen? Is your teen isolating, sad or anxious? In some cases, you may notice more subtle signs that your teen may be depressed or spiraling out of control. If your teenager is chronically unable to complete tasks, or is always forgetful, he or she may be sending you a signal that they need help. By intervening before the situation gets too far out of hand, you can help your teen get back on a more positive track. If you are concerned about how your teenager is coping, counseling can help.

Your teen can learn to thrive

Counseling can create structure in your teenager’s life. In counseling, your teenager will find a safe space to grow, consult, recuperate, and be challenged to meet their goals. Counseling may help your teenager regain self-worth, reintegrate into your family, or do better at school. In counseling, we will focus on determining the cause of your teen’s behavior and will challenge your teen to make positive changes through a variety of effective therapy techniques. We will help your teen learn coping techniques that he or she can apply at home and at school. Your teen will learn skills that he or she can use at home, with family, friends and teachers. If you want to know whether counseling is a good fit for your teen, please call.

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