If your child is having trouble adjusting to a recent change, you may have noticed changes in their behavior. Is your child having trouble sleepinglosing interest in hobbies or family members, or spending hours alone in his or her room?

Have you heard from your child’s school that he or she has difficulty focusing in class, is not getting along with the other children, or is receiving low grades this semester? Counseling can help.

Trouble adjusting can cause changed behavior

Your child may have trouble adjusting to recent changes in their life. Whether your child is affected by divorce, a move, your blended family, adoption, grief issues, or ADHD, these stresses may cause your child to respond in a way that is not healthy.

Your child’s changed behaviors signal that they need help. In counseling, we will work with your child to communicate their pain and fix what is troubling your child.

Counseling focused on your child’s needs

Absolute Wellness Center is a safe, caring space where your child can speak up and confront his or her emotions. We will work with you and your child to help you figure out what is troubling your child and create a plan for treatment. Whether your child requires an additional diagnosis, or just a few counseling sessions, we are here for your child.

According to your child’s needs, we can work on improving communicationlearning to listenrelaxation techniques for school and home, and more.

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