Living with anxiety and fear can include suffering from obsessive thoughts, unrelenting worries, and panic attacks. Not knowing when an anxiety attack will occur, or trying to live around your trigger points makes life miserable. There is help for you, though; Absolute Wellness Center is here to help you create goals that will enable you to live with and control your anxiety.

The first step will involve discovering why you are uncontrollably anxious so much of the time.

What are the Risk Factors that Cause Anxiety Disorders?

Research on anxiety disorders has shown multiple factors can be responsible for causing this disorder. Some of them include:
– Becoming a widow or divorced
– Behavioral inhibitions, such as shyness as a child
– Suffering economic resources diminishing
– Being a female can be a factor for making you anxious
– Going through stressful events in either adulthood or during your childhood
– Social anxiety disorders have been linked to elevated afternoon cortisol levels in your saliva
– Genetics can also play a significant factor in you developing an anxiety disorder

If what you are suffering is a generalized anxiety disorder or GAD, you may be experiencing exaggerated anticipation of catastrophe and worry more than you should. Some of these worries can include being overly concerned about your health, how much money you have or don’t have, or your job. Women suffer more from GAD symptoms than men.

When you suffer from this disorder, you may experience:

Trouble with swallowing
Hot flashes
Muscle aches and tension

The disorder can develop gradually as you age, you may have been living with it as long as you remember, and can develop anytime during your life. You are at the most considerable risk of developing this disorder between your childhood and middle age.

Finding Your Healthy Balance to Manage Anxiety

Absolute Wellness Behavioral and Nutritional Health Center provides life coaching, which includes pastoral counseling and nutrition recommendations to help you heal yourself and enhance your life quality. Our behavioral theories help you create a plan of treatment for your anxiety through our therapeutic services based on the national benchmarks.

Therapy for this disorder needs to be tailored to your specific diagnosis and symptoms. For example, if you are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, you would need a treatment different from someone who needs help for an attack of anxiety.

How long therapy would be necessary depends on how severe and the cause of your anxiousness. Most anxiety therapies are short-term, with most patients experiencing significant improvement within eight to ten sessions. You will be in experienced hands when you work with Absolute Wellness Behavioral and Nutritional Health Center.

Your Quality of Life will Improve When You Reduce Your Anxiety

At Absolute Wellness Center, we will help you overcome professional and personal difficulties you are facing in your life. Our team will help you get on the right path to help you improve your quality of life through individual and group therapies.

In our group therapy sessions, you will sit with six to eight others suffering similar symptoms and discuss and explore your anxiety through communication. It is a safe environment, and you will benefit from the sharing of others who struggle with the same experiences and learn through the group how to deal with your struggles.

Our mission is to address your needs and make you a whole person again. Addressing your holistic needs, we will uncover the root of your anxiety and help you become a functioning person who will succeed in life.