Psychological Testing for ADHD

So – you’ve seen the bad report cards, heard from teachers about unruliness in class and witnessed as interest in school has waned; your child is having a difficult time, and we at the Absolute Wellness Center are here to help.

A Safe and Comfortable Place

The first step is finding out what exactly ails your child. Utilizing psychological testing, we seek to find the root of the issue – perhaps your child suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. Or, maybe Psychological Testing they suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Next, we’ll provide a safe place where your child can feel comfortable working through their emotions and difficulties in school. At Absolute Wellness Center, our qualified staff is comprised of individuals both professional and caring – those who are capable of finding the right balance and treatment for your child’s needs.

Though it sounds scary, psychological testing is far from intimidating – it’s a simple process built around providing your family with answers and treatment options. Our tests use assessment tools designed to measure anything from anger issues, to learning disabilities and depression. In turn, they provide us with the ability to understand what’s at the core of the problem and act quickly in helping your child work through these issues. We will be with you and your child every step of the way – we will never provide your child with any test that may scare them, nor will we put them through any interview process or evaluation without your consent. We want your child to be comfortable in all stages of the testing period.

Testing and Post-Testing

These tests vary based on the issues your child may be facing – there is no cure-all testing, and we treat each child as an individual. Your child may do better with questionnaires, or they may be more receptive to a clinical interview (in which we are able to gauge how a client reasons and thinks). These are just two techniques and evaluation methods available to your child at Absolute Wellness Center.

Post-testing, we will provide your child with the proper techniques for handling their stress both at home and school. Whether it be an increase in their communication skills, reading comprehension or coping with fits of anger, our staff has what it takes to provide the proper care and treatment options for your child. For us, it’s all about providing an opportunity for your children to express themselves in a way that is both comfortable and constructive. Our goal is to get your child back on track in school, and confident in their abilities to mesh well in an environment with others. By diagnosing and treating your child early, we will be able to impart lifetime skills useful for any future interactions they may have (high school, college, the job force, etc.).

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