If you have suffered from a deeply scary or threatening experience in your life, you may have developed an anxiety disorder known as PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder.) When a person is involved directly or even indirectly with extreme events, the shock of the event can lead to an inability to live a healthy life.

PTSD counseling can help you deal with the symptoms of this disorder and help you regain the control you need to function in your daily life. This disorder may be causing you to have:
– Flashbacks of the event
– Insomnia
– Low self-esteem
– Unpleasant or painful emotions
– The frequent reliving of the event
– Loss of memory

You may be feeling as though you will never live a normal day again, but PTSD counseling will treat your emotions through either long or short-term psychotherapy and medications to get you back on track.

What Can PTSD Counseling Do For You?

Through PTSD counseling, there are three main goals to achieve:
1. Teach you the skills you need to deal with the trauma
2. Improve or dissolve your symptoms
3. Help you regain the self-esteem you need to feel healthy

A lot of PTSD counseling services will use cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. This form of counseling helps you to change your thought patterns, which are causing you stress and anxiety in your life. This therapy is often applied by talking about the traumatic event that happened to cause you such pain. It helps you to realize what and where your fear is coming from.
Talking about the event can help you, and your therapist to understand how your thoughts are affecting your life. It will help you examine how you think about the trauma and find a different, healthier way to live with it. Your therapist will help you discover a way to move forward, accept, and understand that what has happened does not have to control your life.

Techniques Through PTSD Counseling to Help You Heal

If you have been avoiding situations or places because they remind you of a traumatic event, PTSD counseling can give you tools to use to help you through these situations. There are breathing techniques you can use that will help to ease your anxiety.
These breathing techniques can be used to help you calm yourself whenever you think about the trauma that causes your anxiety. This tool will help to calm you and enable you to face events or situations that you have been avoiding.

EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is another PTSD counseling tool used to help you remember your trauma, but with positive thoughts. It allows you to concentrate on the event while your therapist has you listen to or watch something they are doing. They can flash a light for you to focus on, make a soothing sound, or other comforting motion to help you get through the memories of your trauma.

Stress inoculation timing or SIT is a form of PTSD counseling that you are taught and can be done by yourself or with a group. This tool will help you focus on changing how you handle the stress from the event. The tools can be either breathing techniques, massage, or other means of stopping negative thoughts and allowing yourself to relax your body and mind.

Medications Used in PTSD Counseling

People respond differently to medications, and each person can have different levels or forms of PTSD. Medications are not for everyone, but the FDA has approved sertraline and paroxetine for treating certain PTSD symptoms. Talk with your therapist at Absolute Wellness Center to decide which treatment will work best to regain control of your life.

Absolute Wellness Center is here for you to help you overcome the personal challenges PTSD is causing in your life. We want to teach you the practical life skills you need that will enable you to regain the quality of life you deserve. If you are in need of counseling services for PTSD or other conditions, give us a call at (855) 850-0274 today.