To live is to experience loss. Losing someone you love is one of the most significant challenges that a person faces during their life, and may happen multiple times, such as the loss of your friends and family members. Loss can also occur with your beloved pets or a job that you truly enjoyed, and it can cause extreme sadness and stress.

Loss is awful when you have to face life without someone or something you love and value, but you can learn to cope with it through grief counseling. Grief counseling will enable you to protect your emotional balance and allow you to move forward.

What Does Grieving Look Like?

Grieving is a physical and emotional reaction to losing someone or something significant in your life. These reactions are a part of a healthy process after experiencing a loss even though they are overwhelming at times and awful.

While grief is a painful process after a loss and can make you feel as though you are losing control, grief counseling is a means to help you deal with these emotions. Grief counseling can help you or a friend who is dealing with the loss of a loved one or something you valued. This counseling will help you to protect yourself from long-lasting emotional pain that can complicate your life.

How to Handle Grief After a Loss

We all express and deal with our emotions at different levels and for various lengths of time. Grief is one of those emotions that we all deal with differently. What is important to respect is those differences when someone is struggling to cope with a loss. Grief counseling understands these differences and supports everyone’s right to grieve in their own way and help them through the process.

Grieving is a personal process and is handled by some through crying or feeling sad. Others may grieve by turning to humor and trying to laugh. Each loss is experienced differently, and we cannot read into a person’s reactions too closely as they have to find their own way to get through these tough losses. Grief counseling allows you to work through your emotions in your personal manner and guides you to acceptance so you can move forward.

There are no right or wrong ways to handle grief. There are, however, things you can do that will make the grief process worse. Turning to alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings are self-destructive behaviors and will only make your grief worse in the long run.

You need to connect to those around you who love and support you while dealing with loss. You may feel as though ‘shutting down’ will protect your emotions, but it generally helps you get through this challenging time by keeping up with your daily routines. Grief counseling can help you continue to go to school or work and promotes getting together with friends and other family members. These outings will help you take care of yourself and your physical health as you go through the grief process.

If you or someone close to you has suffered a loss and your emotions are just not getting better, you most likely cannot handle the grieving process on your own. Grief counseling will help you through these difficult emotions and put you on the track to get on with your life.
Absolute Wellness Center offers grief counseling to help you through personal or professional losses. Through our group grief counseling therapy, you can work with other individuals who have experienced a similar loss in a safe environment. You may also seek grief counseling through our life coaching program to help you reach acceptance of your loss and move forward with your life.