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Grieving Through Loss

To live is to experience loss. Losing someone you love is one of the most significant challenges that a person faces during their life, and may happen multiple times, such as the loss of your friends and family members. Loss can also occur with your beloved pets or a job that you truly enjoyed, and […]

Therapy Can Help Save Marriages

In the past, half of the marriages in the United States ended in divorce, but recently this rate is dropping. The drop may be influenced by the excellent marriage counseling now available to couples in trouble. More people are seeking the guidance of a marriage counselor when they see signs of trouble in their relationships. […]

Why Am I Forever Uncontrollably Anxious?

Living with anxiety and fear can include suffering from obsessive thoughts, unrelenting worries, and panic attacks. Not knowing when an anxiety attack will occur, or trying to live around your trigger points makes life miserable. There is help for you, though; Absolute Wellness Center is here to help you create goals that will enable you […]

How Does Untreated Clinical Depression Affect Physical Health?

The term clinical depression refers to a more severe form of depression. Some call this major depression, major depressive disorder, or clinical depression. This form of depression is not the same as a depression you experience when losing a loved one, or are suffering from a medical condition.

Depression can be experienced in a range of […]

How Can Therapy Help With PTSD?

If you have suffered from a deeply scary or threatening experience in your life, you may have developed an anxiety disorder known as PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder.) When a person is involved directly or even indirectly with extreme events, the shock of the event can lead to an inability to live a healthy life.

PTSD counseling […]

Group Therapy Sessions for Teens

Watching a loved one struggle can be a heart-wrenching experience, especially so if that loved one is your own teenage son or daughter. When your teen is fighting with self-depreciating emotions or actions, it can take a toll on every aspect of their life. To help your teenager overcome emotional concerns, group therapy sessions for […]

Is It Possible to Become a New “You”?

Discontentment is a common feeling. Many are unhappy with the “now,” their current state of self and the lifestyle that they are living. The vow to transform into a totally new person — one day. Trials shape perceptions, and if you have recently separated from your spouse, experienced a major social issue such as bullying, […]