Berkley Lake was originally designated as a Summer Retreat in the 1950’s and has since grown to a Community of over 700 acres.  Lake Berkley is an 88 acre lake that is held by one of the largest earth damns in the state of Georgia.  There are many walking trails within the city’s greenspace to enjoy the plush landscape and surroundings of Berkley Lake. There is a general peace about this quiet and quaint community of about 2,000 people.

weight management & nutritionOur Goal is to serve the community of Berkley Lake by offering mind healing and wellness services for both Adults and Children in the area.  Absolute Wellness Center Offers Group Therapy, Life Coaching, Personalized Counseling and Nutrition and Diet guidance.  Our Services are tailored to meet your individual or family goals for a more balanced life.  Our Counseling Services can help families cope with loss, separation, divorce, Marriage, Depression, Psychiatric illnesses.  We offer weight management and nutrition counseling and have a registered dietician on staff to create meal plans tailored to your nutrition and weight goals.  Our Staff will partner with you to work together to help you achieve your goals for overall wellness.

Our Life Coaches can assist you in your personal and professional life by helping you discover what you want out of life and uncover what may be keeping you from realizing the dreams you have for yourself.  The life coach will also help you set goals and keep you accountable so you can unleash your full potential.

Our Licensed staff is results driven and ready to help the residents of Berkley Lake begin the healing process and help improve your overall total well-being.  Call Absolute Wellness Center Today for More Information and start your journey to a better you.